Huneberg Vijoen Architects


In accordance with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession

Standard Services

Stage 1                    inception

                                  assess accommodation requirement

                                  analyse site and take restrictions into account


- Stage 2                   design concepts and viability

                                 vision of the client taking into account

                                 the site,



                                 social functional

                                 technical issues.

- Stage 3                  design development

                                develop the concept to create the final design to the 

                                satisfaction of the client

- Stage 4                  technical documentation

                                prepare documentation for council approvals and detailing for 


- Stage 5                 contract administration and quality control

                               assist in obtaining quotes, advise on contracting matters, 

                               administer the contract and inspect the works for conformity

- Stage 6                 close out

                               facilitate close out and provide as built drawings

Supplementary Services

    -                       project management

    -                       interior designs

    -                       maintenance programs and operations manuals

    -                       business plans

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